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Operating System, Android , Android Model, POV POV_TAB- PROTAB25XXL8, POV POV_TAB-PROTAB25XXL8. Processor, ARM sun4i @ GHz. Learn to safely root your POV _tab Protab25xxl8 with One Click Root. Rooting your _tab Protab25xxl8 allows you to customize and optimize your _tab. Name · Size · Type · Date Modified. Adobe Acrobat Document. Firmware upgrade instructions.

Specification sheet: TAB-PROTAB25XXL8 Point of View " 8GB Tablet PC. Information, datasheets and documents. Where to buy in South Africa. file TAB-PROTAB25XXL-Android _zip not sure what the difference is from TAB-PROTAB25XXL8-Android _zip. TAB-PROTAB25XXL8 Point of View " * LCD capacitive 5 point touch screen, 1GB DDR3 SDRAM, 8GB Internal Storage, Ghz.

Point of View PROTAB25XXL8 Tablet price from compume in Egypt. Compare prices and shop online now. I try others (TAB-PROTAB25XXL8-Android _ and TAB- PROTAB25XXL8-Android _) Those work on my. Hello everyone! This is not a very popular tablet, but I wanted to share this if someone wants root on this device. For tablet details go here.